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Sycard Technology offers a variety of extender cards for 16-bit PC Card, CardBus, CompactFlash, SmartMedia and PCI interfaces.

16-bit PC Card Extender Cards

  • PCCextend 50 - Discontinued - low cost 16-bit PC Card extenders and Type l, Type ll and Type lll converter cards.
  • PCCextend 100 -Discontinued - general purpose 16-bit PC Card extender and debugger.
  • PCCextend 120 -16-bit PC Card flexible extender card.

Frequently Asked Questions about our PCCextend cards.

CardBus Extender Cards

CompactFlash Extender Cards
  • CF extend 160B -a 50-pin to 50-pin CompactFlash™ card which accesses all signals and measures card current consumption. Supports Type I and Type II CompactFlash™ cards.
  • CF extend 162/162E-low cost CompactFlash™ extenders and Type 1 and Type II converter cards.
  • CF extend 180-Discontinued - a 50-pin to 50-pin flexible CompactFlash™ extender card with a ribbon cable extension that offers a longer working distance from host socket.
  • CFextend 182/182E-low profile CompactFlash™ flexible extender cards.
  • CF extend 165 -a 50-pin to 68-pin CompacFlash™ adapter/extender card plugs a 68-pin PC Card into a CompactFlash™ socket.
  • CF extend 166/167 -Discontinued - CompactFlash™-to-PC Card flexible adapter extender card.
PCI Extender
  • PCIextend 174 -an extender card and debug tool for 32-bit PCI designs.
  • PCIextend 176 -an extender card and debug tool for 32/5.0V 64-bit PCI designs.
  • PCIextend 177 -an extender card and debug tool for 32/3.3V 64-bit PCI designs.
SmartMedia Extender
  • SMextend 750 -a debug tool for the SmartMedia (SSFDC) interface.
Secure Digital Extender

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