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PC Debug
Debugger for 16-bit PC Cards

PC Debug is a software program that allows the user to troubleshoot and debug 16-bit PCMCIA PC Cards and Host Systems. It can be viewed as a "superset" of the DOS DEBUG program for PC Cards. It provides the basic debug commands (display/set memory and I/O ports) as well as commands that directly support the industry-standard Intel PCIC (82365 SL) and compatible host controllers.


  • DOS-based program with minimum test system requirements
  • A super-set of the DOS debug program supporting over 75 commands for configuring, controlling, and testing PC Cards and Host Systems.
  • Keyboard, mouse, and menu-driven commands available in "window style" user interface
  • Context-sensitive help available
  • Supports the industry-standard 82365 SL and compatible PCIC Host controller
  • Specialized commands to support PC Card special needs: Attribute Memory (CIS and FCRs), Common Memory, and I/O addressing spaces
  • Commands to display and set the PC Card's Function Configuration Registers (FCR)
  • Special commands to support PC Card Custom Interfaces (i.e. Zoomed Video)
  • Registers as Card Services Client to provide additional PC Card configuration information
  • Works in "active" mode (takes control of PC Card configuration), or "passive" mode (displays PC Card configuration without affecting the configuration)
  • Ability to create and run "script" files to automate PC Card setup testing

Host System Requirements

PC Debug was designed to run in test systems with very little hardware resources. The best way to bring-up and test PC Cards is with as little software (i.e., O/S) and hardware interaction as possible.

With this in mind, the minimum requirements to run PC Debug are:

  • 286 or better CPU
  • DOS 4.0 or better
  • Diskette drive (or equivalent for loading PC Debug)
  • Monochrome display
  • PCIC Compatible PC Card Controller (Intel 82365 SL or Cirrus, Vadem,.... equivalent) (The program will run without a PCIC compatible controller, but will limit the number of commands available.

Optional items:

  • CGA or VGA color monitor
  • Card and Socket Services (version 2.1 or better)
  • Two-button mouse
  • Hard disk drive
  • Windows Operating System

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Updated September 15, 1998.

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