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Sycard Technology offers several 16-bit PC Card development and prototype tools. Our tools are designed for engineering as well as the manufacturing environments. The PCCextend series of extender cards range from a low cost product designed to protect a socket, to a full-featured extender/debugger with probe points, power LEDs, and many other features. Our prototype products are designed to provide a quick way to validate hardware and software before committing to a PC board layout.

Sycard Technology offers the following 16-bit PC Card prototype products:

16-bit PC Card Prototype Boards

  • PCCproto 150 - general purpose prototype for 16-bit PC Card designs.
  • PCCproto 200DISCONTINUED - National Semiconductor PCM16C02 prototype card for single or multiple function 16-bit PC Card design.
16-bit PC Card Extender Cards
  • PCCextend 100DISCONTINUED - Ggeneral purpose 16-bit PC Card extender and debugger.
  • PCCextend 120 - 16-bit PC Card flexible extender card.
  • 120HIB - PCCextend 120 16-bit PC Card host interface board.
  • 120CIB - PCCextend 120 16-bit PC Card card interface board.
  • PCCextend 50DISCONTINUED - Low cost 16-bit PC Card socket saver/extender card and type l, type ll, and type lll converter cards.

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Updated Feb 2, 2012

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