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CompactFlash™ Test & Development Tools

CompactFlash™ is a standard form factor for mass storage and I/O cards. Based on the PCMCIA Standard, CompactFlash™ cards are approximately 1/4 the volume of a PC Card. In order to achieve the small size, the interface pin count is 50-pins compared to the PCMCIA's 68-pin. CompactFlash™ cards are designed to be compatible with PC Card hosts with a low-cost Type II adapter card. Although based on the PCMCIA Standard, the CompactFlash™ Standard is administered by the CompactFlash™ Association.

Sycard Technology offers the following CompactFlash™ products:

  • CF extend 160B - a 50-pin to 50-pin CompactFlash™ card which accesses all signals and measures card current consumption.
  • CF extend 162/162E-low cost CompactFlash™ extenders and Type 1 and Type II converter cards.
  • CF extend 165 - a 50-pin to 68-pin CompactFlash™ Adapter/Extender Card plugs a 68-pin PC Card into a CompactFlash™ socket.
  • CF extend 166 - Discontinued - CompactFlash™-to-PC Card flexible adapter extender card
  • CF extend 180 - Discontinued - a 50-pin to 50-pin flexible CompactFlash™extender card with a ribbon cable extension that offers a longer working distance from host socket.
  • 180HIB - CF extend 180 host interface board
  • 180CIB - Discontinued - CF extend 180 card interface board
  • CF extend 182/182E-low profile CompactFlash™ flexible extender.
  • CF test 220 - a CompactFlash™ socket tester which verifies all pins and is primarily used for manufacturing testing.
  • CF test 222 - a CompactFlash™ socket tester which verifies all pins and is primarily used for manufacturing testing and for hosts based on Intel SA-11xx series of controllers.

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Updated Feb 20, 2012

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