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CardBus Test Tools
PCCtest Series of CardBus Socket Testers

The PCCtest series of CardBus socket testers provides a quick and easy way of verifying the operation of a host socket. Housed in a standard type II PC Card, the PCCtest CardBus series includes software to test a wide variety of socket controllers from Texas Instruments, Cirrus Logic, Ricoh, and O2 Micro. The PCCtest socket tester verifies all signals on the CardBus interface including accurate Vcc and Vpp measurements.

Sycard provides the following versions our PCCtest CardBus socket testers:

Manufacturing Socket Testers Engineering Socket Testers Testing Accessories
  • PCCextend 70/75 - CardBus socket saver/extender cards and type l, type ll and type lll converters.

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Updated October 2, 2002

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