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CardBus Development Test Tools
CardBus Development Products

Sycard Technology offers several products for CardBus host and card development. Our tools are designed for engineering as well as manufacturing environments. The PCCextend series of CardBus extender cards ranges from low cost products designed to protect a socket, to a full-featured extender/debugger with probe points, power LEDs, and other useful features.

Our PCChost PCI-CardBus bridge products allow the user to develop CardBus cards or evaluate the features/performance of the Texas Instruments PCI series of CardBus socket controllers.

Sycard Technology offers the following CardBus products:

PCI to CardBus Bridges

  • PCChost 1420 PCI-to-CardBus bridge based on Texas Instruments PCI1420 chip
CardBus Extender Cards

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Updated December 21, 2006

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